Lucid helps you create amazing Javascript Workflows and animations.

Version 2.0 has more objects, SFTP & FTP support, it's easier to use, and it looks beautiful on Yosemite.

Press the Red buttons to see Lucid in action.

The Story of Lucid

Lucid is an unusual application, it was literally dreamt up, one of The Escapers woke up with an idea, that turned into an experiment, LEGO® for Javascript, the result is Lucid. If you want to find out more, check out this short screencast.

What's new in Version 2?

We’ve added a lot to Lucid 2, including full support for SFTP and FTP, support for animate.css and many more extra actions, oh, and a totally new user interface.

How does Lucid work?

Lucid uses Actions and Connections to create Workflows that can control elements on any standard webpage. Actions and Connections are added through simple menus and Drag&Drop.


You can download a demo or buy a copy from here.

Upgrade from V1 Download Buy $44.99


Lucid requires OS X Mavericks or Yosemite. The Escapers recommends your Mac should have 8GB of RAM or more for best performance.