Stuf is a clipboard manager with a difference, you can copy and paste between different Macs (and PCs!) over your wired or wireless network! Stuf uses DropBox, so can share your clipboard in the office, or anywhere in the world.

Easy to use

Stuf is easily accessed through a user definable global shortcut or an always accessible menu on your menubar.

You can access shared clippings just as easily, through the menu, or the easy to use new user interface.

Stuf 2 has been rewritten from the ground up, it's faster, leaner and designed for Lion.

Share your clippings

Stuf stores your clippings and can share them with any other Stuf users, even in a different country, with your permission of course. Stuf can use any network drive to share clippings, but we really recommend you use DropBox.

Stuf stores your clippings in simple folders, so DropBox can easily mirror them to your other computers, keeping your clippings synchronised.


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Single User (Mac) - £16.99
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