Whoosh helps you send out lots of emails using the Amazon Simple Email Service.

Bulk email made easy

Whoosh lets you send thousands, or even millions of emails using the powerful Amazon SES service.

Amazon SES is a fraction of the cost of other bulk email services.

Initial cost Send 50,000 messages Send 500,000 messages
Whoosh £44.99 $5 $50
Mailchimp.com - $500 $2500
campaignmonitor.com - $505 $5005


Whoosh was built for internal use by The Escapers, so there is no bloat, no pointless UI effects, just a powerful tool to get the job done so you can concentrate on more important matters.

Simply import a list of recipients, enter your message (HTML too!), and press deliver.


Download 30 day trial

Download demo

(Trial also limits the number of messages you can send.)

Purchase License

Single User - £44.99