Lucid 4

Animate. Interact.

Lucid 4 is here with a host of new features. We've got support for CSS transitions, with a brand new Transition Builder. We have the all new Responsive Preview and we even have a built in HTTP server so you can preview your site on a phone or tablet without uploading to a server first.

Choose from a range of animations, or build your own. Use Lucid's unique user interface to attach animations your web pages.
Lucid works with real HTML and CSS, your existing sites, and doesn't require you to use any plugins, frameworks, or libraries.

Lucid 4's Transition Builder, add simple transitions in less than 10 seconds.

Lucid makes adding animations to your pages easy with simple to use wizards, but you still get to use code if you want!

Lucid 4's well known Animation Library, a host of ready-made animations ready to use.

Find your way around your pages easily with code and a hierarchal view of your HTML.

Lucid 4's JavaScript Builder, view your JavaScript functions in the builder and in code too.

Attach JavaScript events to make your animations happen exactly when you want, or just let Lucid do it for you.

View your HTML code as well as semantic structure.